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Click here to view the San Diego Workforce Partnership's 2014 San Diego Labor Market Analsyis for Life Sciences in San Diego.
Click here to view a Supply and Demand Analysis of Life Sciences & Biotech Middle Skills Workforce in California.

Click here to view the SCBC's chapter in the LSSI-published book, Best Practices in Biotechnology Education, Yali Freedman Ed.
Click here to view Careers in Biotech: A Counselor's Guide to the Best Jobs in the U.S.
Click here to view BIO's Guide to Biotechnology, an overview of the field of biotechnology.

Click here to view
Careers in Biotechnology videos produced by WGBH Boston and supported  by the Amgen Foundation.

Bio-Link provides educational resources for educators, and information about training and careers for students.

If you have suggestions for additional resources, please contact us with the information and, upon review for relevancy, we will post it on this page!






Regional Professional Development for Science Teachers

  • The Health Science Workforce Initiative (HASPI) is a collaborative effort among numerous entities in San Diego County to improve students' ultimate success in healthcare. HASPI seeks to improve (1) lack of healthcare career awareness, (2) poor performance in college science courses, and (3) attrition rates in health training programs.
  • Salk Institute Outreach Program
    The Salk Institute for Biological Studies supports a broad program of activities aimed at bringing the excitement of science and scientific discovery to the middle schools and high schools in the San Diego community with an overall goal of heightening student and teacher enthusiasm for the biological sciences and current research approaches. Program activities include a mobile science lab for middle schools, a High School Science Saturday, and a summer enrichment program for high school students.
  • Science Education Programs at Pt. Loma Nazarene University
    MATSC recommends PLNU's highly acclaimed teacher program Perspectives on Science. Perspectives on Science is a monthly seminar series for science teachers that typically focuses on recent developments in the guest scientist's area of expertise, with particular emphasis on those aspects that are of greatest interest and significance to science teachers.

National Education Programs for Teachers

  • Access Excellence
    Access Excellence includes a variety of resources for students and teachers about biotechnology.
  • Amgen Biotech Experience
    The Amgen Biotech Experience is an educational outreach program that provides equipment, curriculum assistance and supplies to high schools and colleges. The reach of this program has been extraordinary--with over 100,000 students exposed to the fundamentals of biotechnology across multiple states. The program was introduced in 1990 by Bruce Wallace, a molecular biologist who was one of Amgen's first staff members. Passionate about science education, Bruce helped establish the biotechnology program in local schools. It was his hope that every student, regardless of the profession they eventually pursued, would have the chance to experience the joy of discovery and the excitement of having science at his or her fingertips.

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