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This has been an unforgettable and educational experience for me. I came in with the expectation of learning some more labs to implement in my classroom, but I have come out with so much more. Michelle Centeno,
Mt. Carmel High School
We have heard from numerous individuals at all levels of biotech industry that the content someone has learned does not outweigh the 'soft skills' needed such as teamwork, time management, curiosity, perseverance, enthusiasm, and confidence in one's own abilities. Teri Trendler,
Pasadena City College
After participation in LSSI, I now have a clear road map to follow in order to introduce my students to biotech, and equally as important, I know that I will have the resources in terms of equipment and supplies needed to implement these labs. Emily Burke,
Mater Dei Catholic High School
Professionally, I have never seen a two-week enrichment opportunity that does a better job introducing the basics of small scale protein production from transformation to purification. The program heightened the value of my experience by expanding the process to industry scale, reinforcing concepts and presenting the 'real' face of San Diego's biotech community. Michael Rall,
Torrey Pines High School
Before attending LSSI, I had virtually no knowledge of the instrumentation, technique, or practices of biotechnology. I leave the Institute feeling refreshed for the beginning of the school year and with firm groundwork of knowledge to build upon. Russell Davidson, San Dieguito High School Academy

I am confident that these labs will seriously blow the minds of my students and ignite an excitement about science that they have never previously experienced.

Electrophoresis Tank:
$230.00 each

$10.50 each

Restriction Enzymes:
$19.00 each

Student Lab Experience:

Leslie Horowitz,
Kearny High School, School of International Business
This program not only provides an opportunity for the educators to better themselves professionally, but the lives of their students as well. Megan Simon,
"It was cool to see the concepts I teach in school being applied in industry". Tim, Granite Hills HS
“We do science because we are curious. Curiosity leads to discovery. Sometimes discoveries fundamentally changes the world as we know it (FCTWAWKI).” Andy, Salk Institute
“If you don't record what you've done, you haven't done anything.” Lee, Biogen Idec
“Different tip, new dip.” Ericka, Serra HS

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